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Medea Vase

Discover the captivating Medea Vase, a red blend steeped in Georgian legend. Its mesmerizing red garnet hue hints at the juicy blackberry and delightful cherry flavors that await. Hints of mocha and spice add intrigue, creating a dynamic taste profile.

Chilled or Sweet—It's a Delight

Enjoy Medea Vase chilled as an aperitif or pair it with sweet treats. Its unique blend even complements dishes served with ice.

Georgian Heritage, Exceptional Value

Crafted from indigenous grapes, Medea Vase embodies the Kakheti Valley's rich winemaking tradition. This value red blend offers remarkable quality at an attractive price.

Food Pairings to Impress

Medea Vase complements classic dishes like turkey and cranberry sauce, but also surprises with lighter fare like fresh fruit tarts. Let it elevate your next meal.

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