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Aiko, written with Japanese kanji character for "love" and "child", refers to "a person who loves others". That fact was not a reason why this name was given to the newborn company. But we were pleased to find out that because our name reflects our attitude.

Aiko Importers, Inc. is a nationally recognized importer of alcoholic beverages to the US market. Our portfolio represents the broad variety of products that can satisfy the most exquisite taste. 

Success of the company is caused not only by our individual approach to diverse market segments, but also by our deep knowledge of the various ethnic market needs and demands.

Our team of sales professionals intimately familiar with their respective markets makes it possible to sell our products through a network of distributors renowned for excellent account service and market penetration. 

Our distribution network consists of 127 partner-companies located in 46 US states.

We pride ourselves on our ability to select beverages based on the knowledge of US consumer’s taste preferences, market trends, and quality in the bottle.

Our products have been imported from South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. In addition, we have developed valuable strategic partnerships with several European manufacturers of alcoholic beverages and obtained exclusive import rights.

Alcoholic Drinks
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