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Link to Purchase: World Whiskey Society, owned and operated by Alex Kogan, is dedicated to creating the world’s most elusive and sought-after whiskies. Established in 2020, World Whiskey Society has soared through the rankings with its most famous creation, the Doc Holliday collection. The Doc Holliday collection was created to bring previously unavailable, ultra-premium, rare expressions to whiskey drinkers everywhere, all while honoring the American dentist turned gunfighter, John Henry Holliday, who is most famously known as Doc Holliday. Doc Holliday grew up in Georgia, moved to Texas for a short time, and eventually moved back to live in Georgia. The Doc Holliday name is the perfect label choice for this barrel. Just like Doc himself, the barrel originated in Georgia but was moved to Texas and then back again to Georgia, giving the barrel a double climate maturation that has created an overall unique bourbon. The Doc Holliday collection has unique packaging and design for each label. All labels have elaborate design elements that are parallel to those from Doc Holliday’s time, giving each bottle a wild-west identity that sets it apart from the competition. The Doc Holliday bottles feature eye-catching stoppers with a 3D bull’s skull affixed directly to the label. The Doc Holliday bottle stopper is the iconic loaded revolver barrel. This stopper is Alex Kogan’s creative way of paying homage to Doc Holliday. Each barrel stopper is meant to replicate the six-shooter revolver that belonged to Doc Holliday himself. While these stoppers are of spectacular design, they are not just for looks. This design adds to the bourbon’s overall ability to transport you back in time as if you were drinking with Doc Holliday himself.
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