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Yamato Small Batch Japanese Whisky Makes Whisky Advocate Fall 2021 Editor's Choice

Yamato Japanese Whisky makes the Whisky Advocate Fall 2021's Editors Choice. In each issue of Whisky Advocate, the editors select three whiskies they consider to be the most impressive, based on score, price, and availability...... See the full article here on The Whisky Advocate

"Small batch whisky with a pleasant nose exhibiting good balance and an excellent combination of complementary flavors: crisp barley aromas with blossom honey, graham crackers, toffee, pistachio nut, sesame oil, and gentle dusty spices. This builds a lip-smacking flavor profile around vanilla fudge, with a buttery texture supported by apple, pepper, caramelized sugar, and baked fruits."
—Jonny McCormick, Whisky Advocate, October 2021

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