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DragonFire Moscato Wines now available in retail stores across the country.

Dragon Fire Sparkling Moscato Wines are now available in retailers in Louisiana, Kentucky and Oklahoma. The sparkling moscato has been available in the US market since September 2021 with Aiko Importers, and is showing up on shelves nationwide.

The sparkling Moscato from Moldova comes in 7 fruit flavored varieties; Green Apple, Peach, Mango, Mimosa, Blueberry, Strawberry and Cherry.

Each bottle comes in a bright and bold beautiful color, featuring shimmery streaks of silver and white when the bottle is shaken. Each bottle also features a light up LED light on the bottom of the bottle, which illuminates the bottle when turned on.

More information on Dragon Fire Sparkling Moscato wines can be found on their website and can be found on Instagram and Facebook @dragonfirewine.

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