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Pixels - Chardonnay

Chardonnay combines the unique expressions of three high altitude vineyard sites. The wine shows an intense greenish-white color with yellow notes. The extraordinary combination of these vineyards offers honey and tropical fruit flavors while lending notes of citrus, pears, peaches, and white flowers with a strong minerality and a delicate note of vanilla. The mouthfeel is clean, with fresh, clean acidity. This wine would be a fantastic companion a variety of poultry dishes, dishes finished with a Nantua sauce, or a rich seafood dish like shrimp and herb risotto.

And this bottle is a first of its kind by implementing the technology of AR into every label. Each bottle invites you to get into a new world. With your smartphone, you will be able to view our live 360-degree experience with each bottle putting the label into motion. Collect all and see how each experience differs. This truly is a wine label made for the times. 

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