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Watanabe Sake Brewery is located in central Japan in a beautiful small town called Hida-Furukawa, located in Gifu Prefecture. 


"Futsu-shu" is sake using rice that has been coarsely milled, usually 70% or higher, of its original size, with no added distilled alcohol. It may also contain additional ingredients, such as flavor enhancers, sugars, and acidds.


This award-winning Sake is a beautiful futsushu! Showing an elegant, clean fruitiness, characteristic of a more expensive sake, but with a satisfying, rich texture. Plump, cereal, steamed rice milled down to 70%. A round palate and gentle acidity combined with a touch of gentle sweetness and good intensity. Comes in 720mL and 300mL bottle sizes, and 180mL cup sizes.


Fresh, clean aroma, with cedar and nutmeg. Lovely complexity and balance on the palate with citrus and flowery apricot flavors, rounded and clean on the finish.

Hourai - Josen

Hourai Josen Sake (720mL)

ABV: 15%

Case Configuration: 12 x 720mL

Case Size: 12.5" L x 9.5" W x 9" H

Case Weight: 32 lbs

Cases Per Layer: 8

Layers Per Pallet: 6

Cases Per Pallet: 48

UPC: 7 87269 00772 7


Hourai Josen Sake (300mL)

ABV: 15%

Case Configuration: 12 x 300mL

Case Size: 15" L x 11.5" W x 12" H

Case Weight: 15.2 lbs

Cases Per Layer: 13

Layers Per Pallet: 4

Cases Per Pallet: 52

UPC: 7 87269 00773 4


Hourai Josen Sake (180mL)

ABV: 15%

Case Configuration: 30 x 180mL

Case Size: 16.5" L x 14" W x 5.5" H

Case Weight: 23.5 lbs

Cases Per Layer: 6

Layers Per Pallet: 12

Cases Per Pallet: 72

UPC: 7 87269 00774 1

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