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CLAPBACK - Where'd my ManGo?

You may not know where’d my mango, but the party’s right here with delicious, tropical waves of fruity fun in the sun.

Clapback "where'd my mango?" wine - a sassy and refreshing fruity wine that's perfect for any occasion. This playful libation comes in a convenient 1-liter bottle that holds enough to share with 7 friends, making it ideal for parties, barbecues, or just a relaxing night in.

Clocking in at 18% ABV, Clapback packs a satisfying punch that's sure to leave you wanting more. The exact fruit flavor remains a delightful mystery, but one sip will have you wondering "where'd my mango go?" But one thing's for sure - this vibrantly fruity wine is sure to tickle your taste buds and add a touch of fun to your next gathering.

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