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CLAPBACK - Pushin' Peach

Hopping on the trend and embracing the retro vibes, pushin’ peach hits just right – it’s sweet, fruity and totally lit.

Life's too short for bland drinks. Clapback pushin' peach Wine is here to slap you in the face with flavor. It's packed with juicy peach taste and a sassy 18% ABV that'll have you saying "peace out" to boring vino.

​​​​​​​Big Bottle, Big Fun: Our 1-liter bottle pours a whopping 7 glasses, so there's plenty to share with your squad (or hoard for yourself, no judgement).

Clapback Pushin' Peach is perfect for:

  • Chilling by the pool
  • Backyard BBQs
  • Girls' night in (because basic wine is a major buzzkill)
  • Basically anything that needs a little pizazz
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