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A-Team - Swat Rifle Set

Let your inner warrior shine and show your support for the Special Forces with the A-Team Swat Rifle Set. This complete set includes an incredibly detailed replica of an A-Team AK-47 and 6-200ml Hand Grenades, all meticulously crafted using the finest 5x distilled French vodka and purified water to give you a superior taste experience. Whether you're just looking to add to your collection or celebrating a special occasion with friends, this set will ensure you always have the perfect drink for any occasion. The A-Team Swat Rifle Set is a stunning showpiece, complete with a handcrafted wooden box that will become the envy of any gun enthusiast. With this set, you are sure to be ready to take on anyone who stands in your way and make an impression with its exquisite craftsmanship. It is also an excellent gift for any gun enthusiast, as it offers more than just a bottle; it provides an impressive display that can showcase one's passion for weaponry.

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