Hemosu - Straight

  • An ancient family recipe dating back 700 years combines 885 ft deep underground bedrock water and locally sourced rice that delivers a fresh aroma with a clean, long-lasting finish.

    The tradition of excellence is ingrained in this grain spirit over generations of soju making. Hemosu Straight soju is known for "Master's elegance" for a reason and will compete with any soju on quality, purity, and taste. 

  • “Floral, delicate, fresh, light salinity. Tastes like drinking alone at the edge of a still mountain pond.” —Mara Marski, Bartender, Barrel & Ashes 

    “Saffron, salt, white pepper, green bean.” —Eduardo Bolaños, Sommelier, Terroni 

    “Sushi rice, Szechuan peppercorn, orange skin oil, licorice, and anise; rich but polished.” —Eric Denq, Sommelier, Spago Beverly Hills