Hemosu - Fields of Barley

  • Over 530 years and passed down from 16 generations, the Hadong Jeong family created one of the most versatile soju's on the market by innovating with a flavor we have never seen before, and bartenders are lining up to craft cocktails with a base as unique as our Barley Soju. 

    Golden barleys from the famous Kimje fields create a gentle sweetness and deep flavor which is mellowed with hardwood charcoal that finishes with a smooth mouthfeel. 

  • “Butterscotch on the nose, soft chocolate notes soften into nuts.” —Mara Marski, Bartender, Barrel & Ashes 

    “Hints of white chocolate and coconut fill the nose. The sweetness of grain and malt carry across the palate, leaving the idea of coconut milk.” —Matt Bostick, Beverage Director, Baldoria