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Chuhai is the ultimate combination in the customizable cocktail. The three ingredients are:


  • Shochu (distilled rice spirit)
  • Fruit juice
  • Sparkling water


After the Second World War, Japan found itself in a crisis after fine rice, which was normally used for beer making, was being eaten or made into Sake. There was a surplus of poor quality rice readily available to use, and Japan took inspiration from Scotland to turn the rice into alcohol. The result was a successful Shochu, and with water added, it became a Shochu highball. But it tasted terrible. And that's where lemon juice was mixed with the Shochu highball to become the Chuhai that it is today.


Nowadays, Chuhai is the number one drink for women in Japan and and slowly catching up to beer as the ultimate alcoholic choice of drink in the country. It has become so popular that last year, Coca-Cola launched their first-ever Chuhai, breaking a 135-year brand identity of soft drinks!


ABV: 5%

Case Configuration: 6 x 4-Pack x 355mL

Case Size: 16" L x 11" W x 6" H

Case Weight: 22 lbs

Cases Per Layer: 8

Layers Per Pallet: 9

Cases Per Pallet: 72

UPC (Single Can): 7 87269 01829 7

UPC (4-Pack): 7 87269 01830 7

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